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BICON Heavy Duty Two Bolt Aluminium Cleat 370 Series

BICON-Prysmian-Heavy-Duty-Two-Bolt-Aluminium-Cleat-370-SeriesHeavy Duty Two Bolt Cleat (Aluminium)
370 Series

• Ideally suitable for larger cables with diameters 100 to 159 mm.
• Manufactured from aluminium alloy.
• Two-piece, two fixing design.
• Operating temperature -60°C to +105°C.
• Designed to protect the cable sheaths during installation.
• Plain finish - for normal industrial areas or outdoor unpolluted areas.
• Epoxy coated versions available for harsher environments.
• Supplied with rubber liners.
• Tested in accordance with BS EN 61914.

Contact the technical team who will be able to match the correct cleat and spacing to the size of cable and installation design.

BICON-Prysmian-Heavy-Duty-Two-Bolt-Aluminium-Cleat-370-SeriesPrysmian Group and BICON*Technical data subject to change without notice

Performance data
Test Standard EN 50368:2003
Type 6.1.1 Metallic
Impact Resistance 6.3.3 Medium
Lateral Load 50 kN
Axial Load 8 kN
Needle Flame >120 secs

*Technical data subject to change without notice

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